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    Showing all 29 results

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    Bringing your favourite entertainment to life, Hisense is renowned for offering televisions that will allow you to enjoy an exciting range of smart features including impressive Ultra HD visuals, catch up services, 4K streaming services, high speed connection and outstanding levels of clarity.

    So if you’re looking to upgrade your home entertainment system, you’re in the right place, as a Hisense television is sure to fulfil your needs. Discover the perfect TV for your home with Hisense. From vibrant ULED 4K cinema experiences with true-to-life Quantum Dot colour, 4K HDR Certified TVs refined for fast-paced gaming, or small screen Full HD TVs for bedroom bingeing or the playroom, we have a TV to suit your lifestyle and budget.

    If you’re having any problems finding a Hisense television that meets your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team is always on hand to point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a product that fulfils your needs.

    If you can’t find a Hisense television that works for you, don’t worry. We provide lots of other smart TVs from some of the industry’s leading brand names including many Samsung TVs and LG TVs.

    Our extensive collection of Hisense televisions showcases the qualities that are increasingly associated with this popular TV maker. Check out the latest Hisense TV reviews and you’ll see why it’s gaining such a strong reputation – Hisense is doing a great job of delivering high end tech and excellent picture quality at bargain prices. If you want to experience stunningly detailed Ultra HD resolution, Hisense 4K TVs offer a chance to do so on a limited budget.

    In addition to Ultra HD 4K resolution, Hisense has a few more tricks up its sleeve to further improve picture quality. The Hisense range includes several QLED TVs that deliver extra-vibrant visuals, offering a significant improvement on LCD displays by using quantum dots instead of liquid crystals. Like OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), QLED (Quantum Light Emitting Diode) is a panel technology that has been developed to boost vibrancy, brightness and depth of colours. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, the collection also features Hisense ULED TVs. ULED (Ultimate Light-Emitting Diode) is a similar brightness-enhancing technology to QLED.

    Many of our Hisense televisions are also equipped with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology which further enhances contrast, producing brighter whites and darker blacks. The result? An expanded colour and contrast palette that will breathe new life into your favourite films and TVs shows.

    If you’re looking for a Hisense smart TV to connect to other smart devices – like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa – and access streaming content apps like Netflix, you won’t have to look far – our entire Hisense collection is equipped with smart TV technology.

    If you’re searching for your next TV make sure you check out our television buying guide, which should help you to narrow down your search.