Hisense Dishwashers

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    Showing all 5 results

    Wash up to 16 place settings.

    Reduce the time and effort it takes to wash everything up with enough space and baskets, plus a flexible interior that can be reconfigured to fit everything into one load, every time.

    An ergonomic design that lets you use space more efficiently.

    Use space more efficiently and get things dry quicker with this dedicated cutlery tray. Its ergonomic design accommodates all utensils easily, improving drying times.

    Fit everything in effortlessly and make every load extra efficient.

    Reconfigure the layout to maximise space, minimise drying time and fit everything in every time. Plates stack easily and neatly into the lower basket and if you need some extra space for bigger pots and pans, simply fold the plate rack down or adjust the height of the top basket.

    Auto Dry. No extra drying required.

    Unload with speed, ease and no extra drying. Automatically opening the door slightly at the end of every cycle lets excess steam escape, ensuring washed items dry completely.