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    Showing all 8 results

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    Drying your washing outside on the line is a marvellous idea but unfortunately the reality of our weather often means we end up draping our damp laundry over radiators and indoor airers during some seasons. Tumble dryers can be a godsend and a very worthy investment. The modern-day tumble dryer won’t shrink your clothes and is far more energy efficient than their predecessors, with many models having multiple programmes and large capacity drums to accommodate greater loads.

    With a handy tumble dryer you’ll never again have to rush home to bring your washing in from the line when it starts pouring down. Result.

    So, which is best for you? First up, you’ll want to decide whether you need a freestanding or integrated tumble dryer. Then narrow down the choice by the size that fits your space (we have small models for even the tiniest of nooks) and the capacity – it makes sense to match that to your washing machine, whether that’s 3kg or 10kg.

    Then it’s on to your preferred operating style. A vented machine uses a hose to push the damp air through a window or wall vent. A condenser tumble dryer collects water in a reservoir (which you then empty), so you can place it anywhere in a well-ventilated room. And a heat pump tumble dryer reheats the air in the drum for gentle drying and energy efficiency, so it’s kind on the environment – and your bills.

    Got the big decisions out of the way? Then you can get onto the really interesting stuff – all those nifty features. We’re talking sensor guided drying, like you’ll find in the Bosch and Beko tumble dryer ranges. This monitors moisture and temperature, and stops when it reaches your selected dryness level.

    Avoid tangled clothes with a machine that utilises reverse action, like the Indesit range. Those with a steam treatment further help reduce creasing, making ironing much easier – or even unnecessary. Bonus. Go for a model with a 24-hour timer delay function and start the programme whenever suits your schedule. This kind of convenience is taken a step further with one from the likes of Samsung that lets you control it from your smart phone. Finally, you may want to choose your favourite colour. Well, you are in luck: our range includes white, silver and black tumble dryers.

    Heat pump tumble dryers

    When it comes to energy efficiency, heat pump tumble dryers are considered to be the best in class.

    They’re more expensive than other types of tumble dryers, but you’ll save money in the long run, as they use much less electricity. Heat pump technology works by recycling hot air over and over again, so it uses significantly less energy than other types of tumbler dryers and could cut the costs of drying your laundry in half, or even more if you use your machine frequently. Another benefit of this type of machine is that it’s a closed system, so there’s no need to fit an external wall vent and it won’t expel damp air into your home or cause any condensation issues.

    Condenser tumble dryers

    Condenser dryers use heat to dry your clothes, which is then cooled and condensed into either a container or an external hose. This type of tumble dryer can be placed anywhere in the home as long as it’s well-ventilated, as you don’t need access to a wall vent. Condenser tumble dryers are a popular choice for the home, as they are versatile, convenient and often take up less space than vented models.

    An integrated condenser tumble dryer is a practical choice for small homes, as you can hide it away behind a kitchen cabinet instead of needing a dedicated utility room. Small condenser dryers have a capacity of around 7-8kg, which is enough for a family of four.

    Vented tumble dryers

    Vented tumble dryers use hot air to evaporate moisture from your clothes, which is then pushed out of the machine via a hose and expelled through an external wall vent. This feature makes them slightly cheaper to run than condenser models.

    However, vented tumble dryers are not suitable for every home, and you may need to allow for installation costs if you don’t already have an external wall vent or suitable window. There also aren’t as many models available if you’re looking for an integrated vented tumble dryer to fit into your kitchen. But if you have a separate utility area, then this type of tumble dryer can be a cost-effective option. Because there’s no need to empty any containers, vented tumble dryers are a great choice if you want a low-maintenance option.

    Whatever your preference, we’ve got the perfect one for you, so browse our cheap tumble dryers today.