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    Showing all 6 results

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    If you’re thinking of adding a DVD player to your home entertainment set-up, make sure you pick a high-spec model that offers the features and functionality to help you to enjoy your DVD collection to the max (or Blu-Rays, if that’s what you collect).

    For one thing, cheap DVD players are more likely to feature barebones functionality, so you shouldn’t expect them to play all your discs with equal ease. Instead, look for a player that has as many of the following functions as possible:

    HDMI input – This is an increasingly common feature on Blu-ray and DVD players, and it allows you to connect your TV via a high-speed HDMI cable, giving you a smooth connection and allowing for the transfer of HD video.

    USB – Many of us have piles of DVDs and Blu-rays that we bought but never got around to watching. With a USB connection, you can play loads of digital content on your PC monitor or laptop screen, so it makes sense to choose a DVD player with this function.

    Region free – If you want to enjoy playing your own discs in another country, or if you just want the freedom of being able to switch between different formats, look for a region free DVD player.

    Effortless loading – The last thing you want when watching a favourite movie is for it to start with an endless wait for the disc tray to open. Ideally, your DVD player should offer an auto-play option so that, when inserted, it automatically starts playing.

    If you’re looking for even more choice, check out our full range of Blue-Ray and DVD players at Abanista, including models from Sony, LG and Philips.