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    Discover our range of food steamers

    If home cooking is your thing then adding a steamer to your arsenal will open up new ways to prepare your food. Steamers are a healthy alternative to other forms of cooking and can work in the background while you concentrate on the other aspects of your meal.

    If you have a big family, preparing dinner every night can be time consuming and it can be tempting to go for the easy option of ready-made TV dinner. But when you use a steamer, you get healthier food that’s just as convenient to prepare.

    You can cook vegetables, rice and fish with ease in a steamer and if you’re a budding chef, there are plenty of ways to experiment and create amazing dishes that are not otherwise possible.

    The Logik 9 litre steamer is great for cooking rice, and if you’re making Mexican food try adding some coriander for that authentic Mexican taste. When a steamer isn’t enough, check out our other small cooking appliances or multicookers and find something that will make your life easier when you’re preparing food in your kitchen.

    Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to make healthier meals or you simply want to try something new for dinner, a steamer is the ideal addition to your kitchen.