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    Showing all 20 results

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    From keeping you entertained when you’re on the move to drowning out unwanted background sound with your favourite tunes, headphones are the perfect companion in daily life. And as audio technology has advanced over the years, the quality of sound that you can enjoy from your headphones has come on leaps and bounds. Browse our range of headphones for sets that meet every preference and budget. Whether you favour the immersive experience of over-ear headphones, fuss-free in ear headphones, a discreet pair of wireless earbuds, gaming headphones or a secure wrap around pair of running headphones, you’re guaranteed to find some that suit you.

    If you’re after uncompromising sound performance, a pair of Beats headphones could be your match made in heaven. Bosting award-winning sound, you can enjoy fine-tuned acoustics with clarity, breadth and balance. What’s more, they’re designed for style too, with some of their models coming in a vibrant array of colours to suit every personality. Alternatively, if you’re after a pair that will help you find your zone, you might want to opt for some BOSE headphones. As the kings in sound-cancellation, they offer an uninterrupted listening experience with various levels of noise cancelling to choose from depending on how much you want to block out. Or, for a retro take on headphones, check out the Marshall headphones collection, including comfortable over-ear designs, as well as in-ear pairs.

    For iPhone users, Apple headphones such as their innovative AirPods, can offer you the best experience, boasting automatic Bluetooth pairing, ear detection and noise cancelling. RHA headphones are also iOS compatible, offering smart features such as full Siri control via the microphone, allowing quick dialling, text dictation, search engine use and more.

    Check out our full range for all the best headphones from other top brands including SONY, Philips, Samsung, JBL and more.