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    Whether you need to print off big batches of work documents each day, or just want a few tickets and photos now and again, having the right type of printer is essential. Printers comes in different types, shapes and sizes, with lots of in-built features to help you get the job done. At Abanista, we’ve got just what you need.

    Should I choose a laser or inkjet printer?

    Laser and inkjet printers do similar things, but using very different methods.

    Inkjet printers are cost-effective, compact, and ideal for everyday home use. They’re especially good at printing out photos and work documents that don’t have too many pages. They work by spraying high-pressure jets of liquid through tiny nozzles onto the page, and the ink is stored in foil cartridges that can easily be replaced when they run out.

    Need lots of stuff printed quickly? Go for a laser printer. They can print off around 10 pages per minute, and they work by scanning and fusing images to paper using tiny specks of powder from the toner cartridge. It’s all done with laser precision, so your printouts are crisp and sharp.

    What other types of printers are there?

    As well as inkjet and laser printers, you’ve got other types to consider.

    If you’re planning on using your printer for lots of different things (reports, essays, graphic-rich design projects, travel tickets, holiday snaps photos), then an all-in-one printer could be just what you need. As well as printing, they also come with a built-in scanner and copier. All-in-one printers come in both inkjet and laser printer types. Or, if you’re going to be scanning lots of documents or photos, perhaps for business or schoolwork, then standalone scanners are available.

    Want to print on both sides of the page? It’s called duplex printing, and most new printers have this feature. Look out for it!

    If you want to get creative, a 3D printer gives you the power to print out your designs as actual real-life object. From custom phone cases to prototype machinery parts, it can make complex manufacturing tasks easy – and lots of fun.

    With a wireless printer, you don’t need to be connected to a computer. Instead, you can wirelessly connect to your smartphone, laptop or other compatible device, and hit the ‘print’ button from anywhere in your home.

    Need more help? We’re pros in the printing game. So if you need advice before you buy, check out our printing buying guide