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What is Abanista?

Abanista Consumer Solutions (Africa) Limited, trading as Abanista,, and Abanista Uganda, is a discount retailer operating in Uganda, East Africa. Established in November 2018, it is one of Uganda’s leading digital retailers.

How do I use the Abanista mobile app to order?

Download the Abanista app on your iOS or Android device. Sign in using your Facebook or Google account or email and password. Access your information, favorites, order history, and cart.

Does Abanista deliver to my area?

Add your product to the Cart, enter your delivery address, and check if the product is available for delivery to your area.

Can I get my order on the same day?

Yes, same-day delivery is possible, but timeslot availability may be limited.

What payment methods do you accept?

Abanista accepts Visa, MasterCard, Mobile Money, Cash, and Abanista Pay.

I have missing items, what should I do?

If you didn’t receive items you were charged for, initiate a refund or return on the website or app.

What if I am unhappy with one of my items?

If an item doesn’t meet your needs, follow the Abanista app or website steps to start a return and get a refund.

How do I cancel my order?

Cancel on the app or website before the cutoff time, or use the contact form after cutoff time.

How do I edit my order?

Edit your order before the cutoff time in the app or website. After cutoff time, use the contact form.

How do I reschedule my order?

Reschedule your order anytime using the contact form.

Is my order ready for pickup?

You’ll receive a “Ready for Pickup” notification and email when your order is ready. Pickup centers are open from 8 am to 8 pm.

Can someone else pick up my order?

Yes, contact customer care to add an alternate pickup person. They must show photo ID.

Why is my order delayed?

Contact customer care if your order is delayed beyond the delivery window.

Why choose Abanista?

Abanista is customer-oriented, offers affordable prices, and believes in providing high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Is Abanista a legit company?

Yes, Abanista is reliable and used by consumers to buy quality products. Products can be returned or exchanged at no cost.

How safe is Abanista?

Abanista is as safe as any other established e-commerce website. It protects personal and financial information securely.

Are products on Abanista genuine?

Customers on enjoy full protection from counterfeit goods since all of our products are sourced from well established distributors in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas