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How do I make an order?

  1. Select Your Product

    Click on the image of the item you want to purchase to view its description

  2. Add Product to Cart / Basket

    To add your item to Cart, click on the “BUY NOW” button next to the item. The item will be added automatically to your basket or cart from where you can enter the quantity you want to order.

  3. Continue to Checkout

    After adding the quantity you want to purchase, click the CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT button to continue to the checkout page where you will provide your payment and shipping information

  4. Enter Your Billing and Delivery Information

    On the checkout page, enter your billing and shipping information

  5. Confirm Your Order

    After you have entered your preferred Payment Method and Delivery Information, scroll down and go to “PLACE ORDER”. You will be guided through the payment process depending on your selected payment method. You will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge receipt of your order. Before your order is confirmed, we will contact you by phone or mail to confirm your shipping address.

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