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    Showing all 15 results

    Discover our range of Hitachi refrigerators, French-door fridges, 2-door and bottom freezer refrigerators

    The Hitachi refrigerator brand has gained massive popularity among consumers and industry professionals globally. This is due to the various advanced features and energy-saving features offered by the Hitachi family of products. The company has developed an eco-friendly operation method that makes their refrigerators greener than ever and their fridges are among the top refrigerators available in the market. Hitachi fridges are available as Side-by-side, French bottom freezer, 2-doors stylish bottom freezer and other popular designs.

    Hitachi refrigerators features

    The Hitachi fridge line is equipped with all the best features that you could expect from any refrigerator. The refrigerators have high-grade parts and are made with heavy-duty motors and components that ensure optimum long-term usage.

    The refrigerator systems are built using multi-chambered doors with thermal insulation to provide proper food cooling and prevent heat damage. The units come with standard operating temperatures and humidity levels. Some popular features we describe below;

    Inverter X Dual Fan Technology

    Dual Fan Inverter Technology means, they use fan in the Freezer compartment and also the Refrigerator Compartment, which offers optimum Level Cooling.

    Tempered Glass

    They use tempered glass in their shelf freezer refrigerator compartment which is heat proved, in case you put something hot or heavier on shelf so glass will not be damaged or broken.

    Auto Door Technology

    The Hitachi uses Auto Door Technology in their fridges which means, you can open the door with single touch.

    Vacuum Compartment

    The Hitachi Vacuum Compartment Technologies is absolutely unique. The refrigerator has a small vacuum compartment where you can store your food in air tight area. Basically, this technology protect food from direct air and reduce oxygen level.

    Eco Thermo-Sensor

    The Hitachi use Eco Thermo Sensor that means sensor maintain temperature according to the food which is stored in refrigerator.