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Choosing the Right Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

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With so many available style, feature, quality and technology options, selecting the best appliances for your home can be overwhelming, even if you’re working with a design or building professional.

What to consider?

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Creating a design plan and conducting informed appliance research before you start shopping can ensure that you create a stylish, functional home for your family and lifestyle while remaining on budget.

  1. Know Your Space

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    The most basic thing for you to know when shopping for a new home / kitchen appliance is the space your new appliance will go in. Whether new construction or needing to fit an appliance into an existing space you need to know the height and width and depth of that area

  2. Know Your Budget


    Have a budget and try to fit the appliance to your budget. As you become more knowledgable about the appliance you are looking for you will have a more realistic idea of what is reasonable to spend.

  3. Know Your Needs

    kitchen and dining area

    When planning for your new home and kitchen, you’ll also want to take into consideration your family’s lifestyle and design it around the way you live and entertain. Be sure to make notes on not only how you currently use your kitchen but also how you might like to use it in the future. If you like to entertain, consider adding specialty appliances like a warming drawer or ice maker or installing a larger capacity oven. And busy families might want to add a speedcooking oven to save time. Drafting a comprehensive wish list will make it easier to match your needs and wants with appliance features once you start shopping.

  4. Do Some Research

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    Whether on your own or with a design professional, you will want to know the detailed specifications of the appliance to determine if they will be a good fit for you ergonomically or for the layout of your kitchen. For example, you may want to consider a range or oven with larger time and temperature displays, depending on the size of your kitchen. Or you may find that certain knobs, buttons and other tactical features offer greater accessibility. Reviews left by other users on different online stores can be helpful. If you can’t get these, your wish list will still be helpful in narrowing your search based on the features and specifications on the manufacturer’s websites.

  5. Take Your Time

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    When you’re buying appliances, its important to choose your retailer wisely. The sales representative you work with should be familiar with all the unique product features across multiple brands to aid you in your selection. Take some time off to do your personal research

  6. Shop The Sales

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    Finally, save yourself some money by shopping the season’s sales. Most stores have sales every week. In fact, you can track a store’s sale cycle so you always get the best price.

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