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    Showing 1–36 of 74 results

    Discover our range of cookers

    Take a look at our range of cookers and hobs and create the kitchen of your dreams. From gas, electric and dual-fuel, you can choose the right fuel to suit your home. If you have a larger family and bake often, you might want to take a look at our range cookers, giving you the freedom and versatility to all your baking needs. You can also invest in self-cleaning ovens that will take away all the hard work of scrubbing and using those pesky chemicals, giving you chance to focus on more important things.

    Want to create restaurant-quality meals like the professionals? The Abanista selection of range style cookers allow you to roast, bake, boil and warm, as well as griddle, grill and stir-fry with ease. From ambitious feasts to perfectly grilled cheese sandwiches, our rangestyle cookers are ready for cooking nearly everything. Range ovens will make a bold statement in any kitchen, offering features that create a professional look like cast iron pan supports and wok burners. Our range includes duel fuel range cookers, electric range cookers and gas range cookers, with many offering fan-assisted ovens, dedicated slow-cooking ovens and other features.

    Ah, the cooker – how’d we ever get by without one? Roasting, baking, boiling, grilling, griddling, stir-frying, or warming – the humble cooker has you sorted. And our range has plenty of picks for being your best sous-chef when sizzling up a storm. Looking for an electric cookergas cooker, dual cooker, or an accompanying hood? A ready meal buff or big-time chef, you’ll find all that you need here from brands including Electrolux, Ariston and Beko.

    Once you know the type you want, you’ve got some other decisions, too. Is it a meal-for-one situation, or feasts for the whole family? Do you want something small and compact, or to make use of the many double ovens on the market? When it comes to the look and feel, we’ve got much to keep your inner-designer delighted, including clean cut white, sleek shiny metals, matte black and more. And if you’re looking to really make a statement? Say no more, our range cookers (such as the bosch cookers) are the ultimate showstoppers in any setting. Yep, we’re talking two ovens, separate grills, and 5-burner hobs.

    Are you in need of a trusty sidekick to sit on your kitchen surface, too? We know we’re biased, but our range of rice, pressure and slow cookers is brill. But, what’s the difference between the latter two, exactly? Well, in simple terms, one cooks slow, and the other cooks speedily. Simply chuck your ingredients in the slow cooker and let it simmer for bubbling soups, creamy curries, hearty casseroles, tender meats and more. Or, when time won’t allow, pop it in the pressure cooker for speedy dinners steamed to perfection. And if you want something that does both? Look to the likes of the Ninja cooker, which includes a combination of the two (plus an air fryer!)