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Showing all 19 results

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We’ve got a huge range of desktop PC computers, suitable for all types of users, from computing beginners to gamers and professional designers.

Which desktop PC should I buy?

All-in-one PCs are basically a slimmed down take on the desktop PC that consolidates all the elements of a traditional desktop computer – monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse etc – into a single, stylishly integrated unit. Our range includes innovative models from the likes of Acer, HP and Lenovo.

When it comes to gaming PCs, you’ve got the choice of going for a pre-built model or building your own. A pre-built desktop’s a smart choice if you don’t feel comfortable tinkering around with your computer, since you’re ready to play pretty much straight out the box.

If you’ve got the knowhow, you might prefer to put together your own tower, custom-built for the games you love playing. The major benefit of this is that you can choose every component, from the CPU to the cooling system, to create a gaming PC that meets your exact needs.

Tower PCs have always been popular desktop computers, because the classic shape and design is perfect for fitting serious hardware inside. Our range includes everything from mini towers and small desktop PCs to high-spec powerhouses that deliver awesome power and incredible graphics.

If you’re looking for a computer that delivers incredible storage, memory, and graphics, Apple iMac is the benchmark. It’s the go-to computer for professional video editors, photographers, 3D animators and software developers, and iMacs have always led the way when it comes to power and performance.

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