The Best Coffee Makers in Uganda

Finding Your Perfect Coffee Maker: A Guide for Coffee Lovers

When it comes to coffee, everyone has their preferences, and one question I often encounter is, “What’s the best coffee maker?” While it may seem straightforward, the answer varies based on your favorite brew.

For many, a reliable drip coffee maker suffices, delivering a straightforward caffeine kick with a hint of specialty flavors. But for those who cherish a more robust experience, there’s more to explore beyond the basics.

As a barista since 2018, I’ve reserved a special spot on my countertop for top-notch espresso machines. Espressos are my go-to, but my appreciation for coffee extends to all forms. Whether it’s the simplicity of filter coffee or the convenience of single-serve and automatic machines when catering to a crowd, I’ve explored it all.

In this guide, we’ll delve into various brewing styles and coffee makers, pinpointing essential features to consider in your quest for the perfect brew. Plus, I’ll tackle common queries like the necessity of a coffee grinder. So let’s embark on this caffeinated journey together.

Choosing Your Ideal Coffee Maker: A Flavor-First Approach

Selecting the perfect coffee maker begins with your taste buds. Imagine the flavors and combinations you’d indulge in without constraints of budget or skill, and let that guide your choice. To clarify, we’ve outlined the basics of some popular coffee makers and their correlation with your favorite coffee drinks.

For Bold Espressos and Strong Brews:

Consider an espresso machine, moka pot, or AeroPress. These devices utilize pressure and temperature to extract rich flavors, crafting dense and robust cups of coffee.

For Frothy Milk-Based Coffees:

Espresso machines are your go-to, equipped with steam wands to texture milk. Some offer automatic frothing at the touch of a button, while others require manual operation. Alternatively, certain single-serve machines include steam wands or separate milk frothers.

For Flavorful Black Coffee:

You’re spoilt for choice. French press, pour-over, drip coffee makers, and even espresso machines can deliver those specialty coffee notes.

For Large Batches of Black Coffee:

The best drip coffee makers are versatile enough to handle it all, from fancy to straightforward models.

For Iced Coffee Aficionados:

Some espresso machines feature iced coffee functions, and there are single-serve makers designed for chilled brews. Check the specifications to ensure they meet your needs.

For Sweet Cold Brew Fans:

You can opt for a dedicated cold brew coffee maker or use a French press as a budget-friendly alternative.

For Those Who Love Variety:

An automatic espresso machine (often simply called an automatic machine) is ideal. If that’s beyond your budget, many single-serve makers can cater to a wide range of coffee orders.

Remember, it’s not solely about taste preferences. Consider where your coffee maker will reside in your kitchen, your budget, and your barista skills. It’s essential to choose a machine that aligns with your capabilities, space, and finances.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Coffee Maker

Space: Ample kitchen space opens up your options, but if you’re working with a smaller area, large espresso machines and automatic coffee makers might not be practical. Compact options like pod machines or smaller drip models could be more suitable.

Time: For those who savor the coffee-making process, time won’t be an issue. But if you’re always on the go, look for quick solutions like pod machines, preset drip coffee makers, or automatic machines.

Capacity: Solo drinkers might find a single-cup pour-over sufficient, whereas large households could benefit from the volume a drip coffee maker provides.

Ease: If you prefer a hands-off approach akin to buying from a barista, bean-to-cup machines offer simplicity and convenience. On the other hand, if you’re keen on the craft of coffee-making, an espresso machine might be your pick for a more involved experience.

Price: Budget is always a consideration. While French presses and pour-overs are more affordable, bean-to-cup and espresso machines represent a larger investment. We recommend starting modestly and scaling up as needed. Our roundup includes machines that offer great value for their price point.

Quick Guide to Coffee Maker Types

TypeBuy it if:Cons
Drip coffeeYou want large quantities of light coffeeShould be brewed in big batches
Espresso machineYou want professional, specialty coffeeTime-consuming; fiddly; easy to get wrong
Bean to cupYou want automatic, quality coffeeExpensive
Single-serveYou want fast, cheap, automatic coffeePlastic waste; lower quality
French PressYou want strong, quality coffeeBrew time and cleanup
Pour-overYou want light, fast, cheap coffeePrep time and cleanup
Moka potYou want high-quality, strong espresso-like coffeeNeed a gas range
PercolatorYou want straightforward coffeeEasy to over-extract
Cold brewYou want strong, smooth, cheap coffeeBrew time

DRIP COFFEE MAKER: The Comfort Coffee

Drip coffee, the nation’s beloved brew, offers smooth, light flavors that are perfect for all-day sipping. Its simplicity makes it ideal for beginners or those seeking ease of use.

How It Works: Add grounds to the filter basket, press a button, and the machine does the rest, infusing the grounds with warm water over five minutes. Advanced models feature timers for pre-brewing and keeping coffee warm.

Versatility & Price: Whether you need a single cup or a carafe for the family, drip coffee makers can handle it. They’re affordable (expect to spend UGX250,000 to UGX1,500,000), making them an excellent starting point.

Pro Tip: Pair with a top-notch grinder for the freshest flavors. While this may increase the overall cost, it’s a worthy investment for specialty coffee lovers.

Considerations: Drip coffee makers are typically large and focus on simple coffee brews. For more complex drinks like espressos or cappuccinos, specialized machines are recommended.

BEAN TO CUP: Effortless Quality

For those who appreciate luxury without the effort, bean-to-cup coffee makers are the pinnacle of convenience and quality.

Simplicity: Just add beans, place a cup, and select your drink. These machines cater to all preferences, from espressos to cappuccinos, with presets ensuring a perfect brew every time.

Flavor & Customization: The quick grind-to-brew process preserves flavor. High-end models offer strength adjustments and personal preference settings.

Milk Texturing: Many machines steam milk automatically, saving you the time and effort of mastering milk texturing—ideal for both dairy and plant-based milk lovers.

Price Point: Quality comes at a cost, with prices starting around UGX2,600,000 and reaching up to UGX7,600,000. However, the durability and long-term savings make it a worthwhile investment.

Top Pick: The Philips 3200 LatteGo stands out for its ease of use, consistent frothing, and versatility in coffee types.

FRENCH PRESS: Rich and Mindful Brewing

Ideal for those who enjoy a slow brew and rich, full-bodied coffee, the French press is a classic choice.

Flavor: Expect a robust profile with acidic and bitter notes, drawing out earthy and nutty flavors.

Ease of Use: Simple to learn—add coarse grounds, pour in warm water, steep for five minutes, then plunge. Drink immediately to avoid over-extraction.

Convenience: Compact and quiet, it’s easy to store and clean. Regular filter maintenance is key to prevent grainy coffee.

Cost & Durability: Affordable, often under UGX370,000. Glass models are common but fragile; stainless steel is recommended for durability.

Versatility: Beyond coffee, French presses can make cold brew, infused oils, and tea.

POUR OVER: Artisanal Brewing Made Simple

Pour-over coffee makers are perfect for those who love the art of coffee and a hands-on brewing experience.

Brewing Method: No electricity needed. Just place grounds in the filter, pour water over them, and enjoy the ritual.

Kettle Choice: A gooseneck kettle like the Fellow Stagg ensures even saturation for balanced flavors.

Brew Time: It takes patience—up to 15 minutes—but the delicate flavors are worth the wait.

Eco-Friendly Options: Opt for reusable filters to reduce waste and enhance flavors.

Design Variations: Single-drain models offer flavor customization, while flat-bottom brewers with multiple drains are more forgiving for beginners.

Affordability & Longevity: Most models are under UGX185,000 and can last a lifetime with careful handling. Metal options are recommended for durability.

Expert Tip: Match your pour-over type with specific beans to elevate their unique flavors.

STOVETOP OR MOKA POT: Espresso Flavors Without the Cost

A moka pot is a great alternative for those who love espresso but don’t want the expense of an espresso machine.

Brew Quality: Produces smooth, intense coffee with a syrupy texture, comparable to espresso.

Brewing Process: Similar to espresso machines—finely ground coffee is tamped in a chamber, then boiled water is forced through, collecting coffee in the top chamber within five minutes.

Cost & Noise: Far cheaper and quieter than espresso machines, with prices ranging from UGX110,000 to UGX480,000.

Compatibility & Design: Suitable mainly for gas stoves, though induction hob-friendly models are available. Classic design makes them attractive kitchen features.

Storage & Versatility: Compact size allows easy storage. Limited to black coffee but can be a stylish addition to any kitchen.

PERCOLATOR: Hot and Fresh Brews

Percolators excel in keeping coffee hot and fresh, ideal for serving a crowd.

Brew Quality: Delivers deep, smooth coffee that’s stronger than drip coffee.

Brewing Process: Uses coarse grounds with a paper filter. Water boils and percolates through the grounds, similar to a moka pot but with coarser grounds, resulting in a 10-minute brew time.

Flavor Comparison: Less like espresso (moka pot) and more like a rich filter coffee.

Maintenance & Compatibility: Requires careful cleaning and the right model for your stove type—gas or electric.

Storage & Simplicity: Compact and simple, without unnecessary features. A good percolator can cost up to UGX550,000 but is considered a valuable investment.

COLD BREW: The Smooth Trendsetter

Cold brew coffee is making waves with its sweeter, smoother taste compared to traditional hot brews.

Brew Quality: Cold brew is not iced coffee; it’s less sour and bitter, offering a velvety drinking experience.

Brewing Method: Special machines or a French press can be used. The steeping process is lengthy—16 to 24 hours—to achieve the perfect concentrate.

Convenience: Cold brew makers simplify the process, but DIY methods with a water bottle and filter paper are also an option, albeit less refined.

Cost & Versatility: Prices range from UGX110,000 to UGX550,000. Some machines, like Breville’s drip coffee maker and De’Longhi La Specialista, feature cold brew settings for added functionality.

Find Your Perfect Brew with Abanista

Whether you’re a fan of the rich intensity of a moka pot, the robust warmth of a percolator, or the smooth sweetness of cold brew, finding the right coffee maker is key to enjoying your favorite cup. Each method has its own charm and caters to different preferences, but they all promise a delightful coffee experience.

For coffee enthusiasts in Uganda, Abanista offers a wide selection of coffee makers to suit any taste. From the classic designs of moka pots to the modern convenience of cold brew machines, you’ll find everything you need to craft your perfect brew.

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