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Showing all 14 results

Discover our range of laser printers
Laser printers are affordable and especially useful if you need to print out copies of important documents. Using a laser printer is the best way to get your printing done at home or in the office.

Printing with a laser printer is cost effective and simple. Choose a printer from our versatile range of laser printers and you’ll get superior prints every time. Our laser printers are reliable and come in colour and black & white versions you can use to print graphics, notes for your meetings and travel documents with ease.

If you want to print copies of photos or text-heavy documents, it makes sense to choose a laser printer because they can handle the task better than a standard inkjet. Laser printers are faster and more accurate and deliver better results than most inkjets.

If you have a collection of prized photos and want a cheap and effective way to print them in full colour, check out our photo printers, and you’re sure to find something that suits your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a top of the range printer, take a look at our collection of Canon laser printers.

With more and more of us working from home, there’s never been greater demand for quality home printers. If you’re looking for fast print speeds, low per page costs and text output with an impeccably crisp and clean look, laser printers have long been the go-to choice for office and home printing.

Particularly well suited to bulk text output, such as contracts, long research papers and book drafts, laser printers should match the demands of plenty of home and office users. The good news is that laser printers are more affordable than ever, and our collection features a great choice of the latest models from leading brands like HP and Brother.

Looking for a laser printer with a scanner? Many of our printers offer more than just printing. You’ll find plenty of all in one laser printers, featuring scanners, copiers and fax machines – effectively all the office essentials – in one must-have machine. All in one models are perfect for small offices that don’t have room for multiple separate machines. Look out for features like fast printing, which allows you to print of a large stack of documents in no time, and wireless laser printers that enable you to print wirelessly from mobiles and tablets, using Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print.

Want to add a splash of colour to your printing? Not all laser printers are monochrome. The Abanista laser printer collection features models like HP’s Colour LaserJet Pro, that deliver the speed and precision of laser printing and a vivid colour palette to liven up your documents.