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Showing 1–36 of 109 results

Discover our range of washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryer combos

If your old washing machine is on its last legs and you’re in the market for a new machine, take a look at the Abanista’s range of washing machines.

From cheap washing machines that have the basic functions to high-end models that feature all the latest developments in laundry care such as energy efficiency, multiple programmes and ultra-fast spin speeds – you’re sure to find the best washing machine that’s right for your household.

Each person has their own idea for their ideal washing machine. Whether you are looking for something with a bigger capacity, larger spin cycles, or a low noise level, Abanista has a fantastic selection of models. And whatever your budget, we will have the best washing machine for you.

Abanista brings all of the leading brands including the likes of Samsung, Beko, LG, and Bosch washing machines available online for delivery. We have a wide selection of washer dryerstumble dryers and dishwashers to complete your kitchen.

Domestic washing machines

A domestic washing machine is an appliance modern life cannot do without. They effortlessly get through piles of laundry and can deal with a wide range of clothing items and fabrics. Choosing the right washing machine however can be a daunting task. But making the right choice can mean you have a washing machine will last for years and meet all of your growing family’s needs.

Washing Machine Features

So, what should you be looking for in a machine? There are various combinations of drum size, washing modes and temperatures, styles and prices to choose from. 10kg washing machines are perfect for the large family. The large drum size means you can fit big loads in meaning less time spent loading and unloading your washing machine. However, if your family is smaller, there are 5kg drum capacity, and most models will a half-load function. But it’s not just about the feature, looks also matter. Black washing machines look great in contemporary kitchens, adding a bit to style to the traditional white washing machine. Our washing machine buying guide will take you through all the important features for you to consider, and give you lots of information to help you pick the best washing machine.

Washing Machine Brands

Bosch washing machines are tested hundreds of times before they leave the factory to ensure that you are getting the best quality. They produce quiet machines that won’t disturb and appliances with larger drum sizes for bigger families. Samsung washing machines offer sleek designs with QuickDrive™ technology that reduces the washing without compromising the cleaning performance. Samsung’s unique fabric care drum is equipped with a pulsator that creates a fast water flow that covers the entire drum. As a result, the detergent penetrates deep into the fabric, to give your clothes a thorough wash in less time. Hotpoint washing machines feature smart technologies in order to tackle even the toughest marks and stains on clothing. They have a wide range of freestanding, built-in and integrated washing machines, both large and slim line with total washing capacities from 6kg to 11kg. Beko washing machines are designed to save energy, water, and time while handling your laundry with care. They offer freestanding and integrated models with capacities ranging from a small 5kg to a large 12kg, as well as six colour options. All the new washing machines in their range come with the Daily Quick programme that can wash a full load of laundry, up to a capacity of 12kg, in around 30 minutes.

Alongside washing machines, you also need to consider tumble dryers to dry your clothes once washed, or maybe a washer dryer is better suited due to limited space. There are many options out there depending on your home’s requirements. Tumble dryers also come with a lot of options. They can be freestanding or integrated into your kitchen, they can be vented, which means they pump the moist hot air out of your home using a flexible tube, or they can be condenser which means no expulsion hose so you can place them anywhere in your home. Tumble dryers are essential if you are running a large home or have limited space for drying clothes and are a time saver.

Make laundry easy with a washing machine from our vast range, featuring all the major names.

Your first consideration is whether you want a freestanding or integrated model, and what size fits your space. Then you’ll want to consider capacity. It’s more ecological and economical to wash full loads (although half load programmes help), so match the size of the drum to the size of your household. Our selection covers the whole spectrum, from compact 3kg options to those that can cater for a massive 14kg. Then it comes down to all those clever functions.

Often need outfits in a hurry? Look for a washing machine that has a quick wash setting. Spend hours ironing shirts each week? Save time at the board with an easy iron steam release to reduce creases. Keep yours in the kitchen? Select one with quiet performance to keep the noise down.

With a LG washing machine you can find an array of handy features across the range, like anti-allergy programmes. Monitor your laundry wherever you are by managing your LG device via your phone. Do all that and add in missed items during the cycle with select models in the Indesit washing machine collection – that nifty function for the forgetful among us (we’ve all been there) is available with Electrolux, Kenwood and Ariston, too.

Tired of separating whites and colours? You’ll love the Whirlpool washing machine that has an all-in-one programme so you can bung them all in together in one load. If muddy knees are a regular feature in your laundry pile, go for a Electrolux washing machine equipped with specialist stain removal settings. You’ll find all of these brilliant benefits across multiple brands, so zone in on your preferences and use our helpful filters to narrow down your choice.

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