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Showing 1–24 of 161 results

Discover our range of fridge freezers
Incorporating both a fridge and freezer into one tall unit ensures that you won’t have to traipse out to the garage or under the stairs to retrieve your frozen food. But most importantly, fridge freezers usually come with a wide variety of different features to make your life easier.

These include auto defrost, which will save you the hassle of periodically defrosting your fridge, and anti-bacterial coating to help improve the hygiene in your fridge.

In addition, some fridges freezers will come with a wine rack or bottle holder, while most come with an egg rack and separate compartments for your fruit and vegetables. The latest contemporary fridge freezers also have other useful features, such as chilled water dispensers and fast-freeze functions that are all tastefully encased in a sophisticated, brushed steel body.

Or if you’re not too fussed by all the fancy extras and just want an efficient, reliable, cheap fridge freezer, we have a selection of those too.

The Abanista range includes all of the top brands including Samsung, LG, and Hisense Fridge Freezers. You can even get yours in a variety of colours, including silver, white, graphite, stainless steel, and black fridge freezers. So find your perfect fridge freezer at Abanista now!

With a fridge freezer you save space by using one tall unit to store all your fresh produce and other necessities… like ice cream (because frozen sweet treats absolutely are an essential, right?).

First things first, decide your ideal split – there’s everything from 50/50 for those with lots of frozen goodies to 80/20 for fresh food devotees. Then select your perfect type. Choose a freestanding model, or an integrated fridge freezer to slot right into that seamless look across your fitted kitchen.

Of course, there’s also the American fridge freezer style, which can incorporate all manner of fancy extras, like water and ice dispensers. With huge capacities, you can go for longer before needing to do another food shop. But if big and mighty doesn’t fit your décor (or space), there are small, slim versions too. And retro styles. And multi-door models. And if you’re not looking for bells and whistles, you’ll find plenty of cheap machines that still come with handy features to keep each type of food in its optimum environment, like separate compartments for fruit and veg, egg holders, that all-important wine rack…

Bored of scraping out icy drifts? A frost-free fridge freezer does away with the need for manual defrosting. Fist bumps all round to that. Machines with fast freeze and fast chill functions get your groceries down to temperature super-quick. Take a look at the Samsung fridge freezer collection and you’ll even find units with open door alarms. Clever.

With an all-in-one unit from the likes of Bosch you can forget about having to traipse out to the garage to get your frozen peas – instead, keep it all in your kitchen with ease. But if you do want to keep it in an outbuilding, we have options from brands like Beko, too.

Ready to choose your favourite? Then it’s time to browse our full collection.

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