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Showing all 6 results

Discover our range of home cinema systems

Whether you’re binge-watching a great new series, are gripped by the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or are engrossed in an immersive gaming experience, a complete home cinema system is the best way to maximise your enjoyment.

With an enormous range of products – including wireless subwoofers, sound bars, speaker sets, and AV receivers, amongst others – we have everything you need to ensure your home cinema system is operating at peak performance.

We stock items from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, including JBL, Sony, Harman Kardon, Yamaha, Bose, Samsung, Panasonic and LG. Renowned for their high quality output, these manufactures design many of the best home cinema systems in the world. By stocking a diverse array of products, we ensure that you’ll only ever need to come to us to find what you’re looking for.

The vast majority of products are easy to connect, with many offering Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, as well as traditional cable connections. This makes them incredibly simple to setup and begin using, meaning you’ll have them up and running the moment you get them home.

Customers can also expect many of the home cinema system products to support high resolution audio and to be fully compatible with any pre-existing smart technology in the home. Whether you’ve got a smart ‘catch-up’ TV or a high quality music network, our range of Home cinema products will be a fantastic addition to any multimedia systems you’re already using extensively.

So whether you’re searching for a single soundbar or an entire surround sound system, browse our online stock to see how we can help you.

You may also want to check out our great range of blu ray players, where there’s a number of great deals to be found.

With your own home cinema system there’s no need to head to the movies to enjoy quality sound when you watch the latest blockbuster. This is how entertainment should be. Big. Bold. Boosted. The only question is — which system will you go for?

Film buffs, how about a home cinema sound system that comes with tallboy, rear and satellite speakers? Plunge everyone in the room into an immersive movie-fest. Or if your household has a lot of interests, from football to music to gaming, go for a setup that offers a selection of pre-set modes. That means the audio perfectly matches what you’re watching. Emphasise the roar of the crowd for a feel-like-you’re there sports viewing experience. Hit that Bass Boost to dial up those heart-thumping low-end frequencies. And with a subwoofer or Digital Music Enhancer, who needs to go to a concert when you can feel the beat in your body? And in the comfort of your pyjamas, no less.

If it’s all about the audio, discover sound bars from industry leaders like Samsung and JBL. But let’s not forget the importance of the visuals. With 4K home cinema systems your ultra HD TV will perform at its best, with the audio and visual working together in sweet harmony.

Ready to get into the nitty gritty specs of a wireless home cinema system? Good. First up are models with built-in WiFi, making it super simple to stream all kinds of content from the Internet or your tablet/smartphone/laptop. Catch-up TV, playlists, YouTube videos, online subscription services — you name it. Then there’s Bluetooth-enabled numbers, so you can rock out to your favourite tunes on your other devices via instant music playback.

Browse the newest models from the likes of Sony and Bose home cinema systems at Abanista to find your favourite.