French door refrigerators

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    Showing all 7 results

    Benefits of French door fridges.

    If it’s time to upgrade your top-freezer fridge or side-by side-refrigerator, consider buying a French door refrigerator. There are many benefits of this style refrigerator, such as a more spacious interior and increased energy efficiency. Because there are multiple doors with specific temperature zones, you only open the door you need so the other compartments stay colder. They also have desirable features to make life more convenient. For example, French door refrigerators with ice makers built into the pull-out bottom freezer alleviate the need for cumbersome trays and still leave plenty of room in the drawer for frozen foods. Plus, with a 4-door French door refrigerator you gain an extra drawer for items you frequently need like snacks for school lunches or deli meats and cheeses. Be sure to check out all the innovative features in French door fridges from popular brands that we carry to see which ones are most beneficial to you.

    Choosing the best French door refrigerator for you.

    Before you shop for any new appliance, it’s wise to measure your space to make sure it will fit your dimensions. Another factor to consider is what color and style will blend well with your aesthetic. Whether you need a white French door refrigerator or a black French door refrigerator, Abanista has models in these colors and more to help make shopping for the best French door refrigerator for your kitchen even easier. Some people like their appliances to be flush with their cabinets to improve kitchen flow. A counter-depth French door refrigerator is the ideal choice because it doesn’t stick out into the room. After you decide on which model to buy, keep in mind that you might need additional refrigerator parts to complete the setup. If you bought a French door fridge with an ice maker, you’ll likely need a waterline installation kit to connect to your water utilities. You can do the setup yourself, or you can rely on our standby squard for appliance delivery and installation services. Our Agents will make sure that everything is ready to go so you can start enjoying your new French door fridge.