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Cooker Buying Guide

Bosch PRS9A6D70 Gas Hob, 90 CM, 5 Burners, Series 8, Ceramic Glass - Black

No kitchen is complete without a cooker. We call them stoves and even hobs. Your cooker is the centerpiece of your kitchen and your home that requires an easy-to-use oven and model design that will complement your house. You don’t want an annoying oven door or poorly fitted hobs to get in the way of you cooking and having fun in the kitchen.

Which cooker is right for you?

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, and the centrepiece of most kitchens is a built-in or freestanding cooking appliance. As most of us spend so much time cooking, it’s important to make the right choice of cooking appliance to suit your home and lifestyle.

We have produced this buying guide to help you make the right decision. Whether you’re replacing an old model or buying for the first time, this guide explains the most important things to consider and some of the features and technologies available in modern cookers, hobs and ovens.

Which type of cooker is best suited to me?

There are three types of cooker: gas, electric and dual fuel, which combines a gas hob and an electric oven.

They come in a range of colours, sizes and styles, but as a baseline these are your main choices. Which type of cooker is best depends on your needs, taste and home setup.

Some houses are completely electric. Some people prefer a gas hob for speed. Some people prefer no flame for safety reasons. For context, the most popular choice is dual fuel, as many believe you get the best of both worlds.

Once you have decided on what style of cooker you want and what is appropriate, all you need to do is select a model that is the right size for your kitchen and family, in the right price range. Generally, the bigger your family and your kitchen, the bigger the cooker you’ll need. There are plenty more tips below, and if you need more help, pop in-store and one of our colleagues will be happy to guide you through the process.

Gas and electric ovens vary by type. Some are designed to go under a range cook top, while others are countertop models that can be a tight fit in a crowded kitchen with little counter space available. Most of the major oven brands are available in a variety of different styles, each designed to best suit a customers’ specific cooking needs. Oven brands offer varying degrees of cooking power as well. Some models can cook food quickly using higher wattage to get the job done. Others might take a bit longer, but they also work well. What is the best oven company? That’s subjective, and often based on a consumer’s past experiences with a specific brand. How often do you cook? How big is your kitchen? In addition to answering these questions, you want to make sure you’re picking a quality brand. Whether it’s gas or electric, you need a brand with a good reputation if you want an oven that’s going to last.

What size cooker do I need?

Worktop cookers are a great choice for smaller apartments, as they let you cook but don’t take up too much space. If you have more space and a bigger family, then a large range cooker will be more appropriate.

You can also get creative with how you use the space in your kitchen. Freestanding cookers fit snugly in between worktops. The best place to start if you want to do this is measuring the space you have, and then comparing it to your desired cooker. All you need to remember is to leave a small gap either side of the cooker for air to circulate.

Another great tip is that if you love cooking, or cook often for a large family, go for a cooker with larger capacity. Many cookers have two ovens and a grill which is ideal for cooking lots of different dishes at once, or keeping certain dishes warm while others cook.

Before you buy a new cooker

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a new cooker. While most are quick and easy to install, the type of cooker you get will be largely determined by your kitchen’s fuel supply, whether it’s gas, electric or dual fuel with a gas hob and electric oven combined.

Electric models tend to be some of the cheapest appliances around and they offer a simple and streamlined cooking experience. Easy to use and safe to run, electric models compromise of a range of different oven and hob technologies and designs.

What are the different types of hobs?

You can often get three forms of electric hob with these cookers. Solid plate tops are still commonly found on the budget models, and while they are the least energy efficient and take the longest time to heat, they are still reliable options. Ceramic hobs are popular because they are easy to clean and control and they look streamlined. By heating up the ceramic glass surface efficiently, ceramic hobs tend not to waste energy. Taking ceramic hob technology to the next level are induction hobs that only heat up the pans surface thanks to their magnetic technology. Pricier than other hobs, induction hobs are taking the kitchen appliance world by storm thanks to their precision.

Cleaning your cooker

Induction and ceramic hobs are usually the easiest to clean as they have smooth surfaces. Induction hobs also shouldn’t need to be cleaned as often as it is for gas and electric hobs.

Most ovens have triple or quadruple-glazed glass doors which can be removed for easy and efficient cleaning so with the right tools and techniques, this can be effortless.

There are also models designed with automatic cleaning programs although these features are available on higher-spec models.

Which brand of cooker is right for me?

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or simply need a new stove, a quality cooker is a vital part of any home. You definitely want to shop smart when making a decision about such an expensive kitchen appliance. So, what are the best cooker brands? Cooker manufacturers include those from major makers of home appliances – like GE, Sharp, Samsung and more. There are also brands that specifically make ovens to consider when deciding on the best new addition to your kitchen. Users looking for a new oven will want to research a variety of different oven brands to find the one that best suits their cooking needs, based on function and features. This list can help! Here, you’ll find a variety of oven brands ranked by user votes.

Some of the most reliable cooker brands


Whether you decide to go for a gas cooker, an expensive range cooker, or a budget electric one, below is the list of the top brands to lookout for following expert reviews for all the top features. From built-in oven model brands to under the range and even smaller counter top models, this list includes those top rated oven brands that consumers might wish to learn more about, including best full sized oven brands and more compact models.

  1. BOSCH

    Bosch has been designing home and kitchen appliances for over 125 years and their products include Ranges, Ovens, Cooktops, Microwaves, Washers, Dryers and more. Known for quality, reliability and precision, Bosch appliances bring German engineering from the road to your kitchen.


    Hotpoint offers a wide range of freestanding gas and electric cookers: choose between a cooker with gas or induction hobs as well as other types of hob. A wide selection of A class energy efficient cookers and save on your energy bills.


    With a 45 year history of trusted innovation, Ariston has continued to offer and achieve exceptional and award winning results with a wide range of freestanding gas and electric cookers: choose between a cooker with gas or induction hobs as well as other types of hob.


    Whirlpool is a well-known brand for a reason. They create reliable, durable cookers and hobs that are available at an affordable price.

  5. GE

    GE wall ovens are one of the best in the industry in cooking performance, vast selection, range of price points, reliability, and self-clean. GE makes some of the most feature-packed, innovative ranges on the market. Because GE offers such a diverse line, there’s a model for every kitchen.


    The KitchenAid electric range is undeniably full-featured and is a great choice for people who cook, bake, and roast regularly for groups, family, or crowds. And a convection option is a great feature to have in any oven, even if you aren’t big on baking.


    Electrolux’s range of cookers includes electric model, gas models, dual fuel cookers and models with varying hob types.


    Whether you prefer cooking over gas or on an electric hob, Zanussi have got a wide range of stylish and easy-to-use cookers to suit your needs.

  9. MIELE

    For the complete package of reliability, convenience, safety, peace of mind, and unique features that Miele offers with excellent quality ovens, they are worth every penny

  10. MAYTAG

    Maytag designs cooking ranges for durability and dependability, with features that help you get great results every time.


    Ranges & stoves from Frigidaire combine superior style and performance with the best gas, electric, induction, hybrid & dual fuel ranges


    Indesit offers a wide range of stylish and energy efficient domestic appliances, with intelligent technologies and design. Indesit products include fridge freezers, washing machines, ovens which can be either gas or electric and other household appliances.

  13. SMEG

    The Smeg brand is synonymous with quality kitchen appliances. Smeg range cookers are engineered to the highest standards and come in a variety of styles.


    The average Samsung oven has an elegant design, comes with features for better convenience, is very reliable, and produces excellent cooking results. Samsung is one of the few premium appliance brands, which offer meaningful internet connectivity in their wall ovens

  15. LG

    It’s not often that one brand takes the top spot across all versions of a type of appliance in consumer ratings. But in our latest range tests, LG is a top-rated electric smoothtop range, top double-oven smoothtop range, top gas range, and top double-oven gas range.

  16. VIKING

    Synonymous with the culinary lifestyle and committed to innovation, Viking originated the professional-grade range for the home kitchen. Their industry-leading innovative appliances set the world’s standard for the modern luxury kitchen.

  17. BEKO

    The domestic appliance and consumer electronics giant Beko is a significant presence in Uganda with Beko refrigeration, cooking, laundry and dishwasher ranges supplied in many homes as it continues to be a preferred budget household name.


    DeLonghi is made from the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and durability and has more than 25 million cookers installed worldwide. Delonghi have a wide range of cooking appliances including range cookers, ovens, and hobs. Delonghi range cookers are well known for their elegant clean lines, quality and practicality, they are available in a range of fuel types including dual-fuel, gas and induction, colours and designs giving true flexibility and ensuring there is a range cooker to suit everyone’s requirements.

  19. SHARP

    With auto-cooking menus and 2-sequence cooking, Sharp’s budget compact ovens represent excellent value for money, particularly if you’re short on money or space. You can trust Sharp for a microwave oven that compliments your style, fits your space, has the power you need, and the features that you depend on. A Sharp oven in your kitchen is simply better living. So yes, Sharp compact ovens are definitely worth it.


    Hisense entered the cooking market in 2019 and known for its bargain prices, Hisense cookers can be a good choice if you’re looking for basic functionality at a great price. It does so by saving wherever possible, and passing the savings on to you.

Some of the best Cookers compared

Best built-in gas cooker

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Which brand of cooker is most reliable?

Whether you’re looking for the best gas cooker or the best electric cooker, our pick for the most reliable range cooker brands in Uganda are Bosch, Ariston, KitchenAid and Indesit.

What is the best freestanding cooker to buy?

With a Bosch free-standing electric cooker, you can design your kitchen layout particularly flexibly. Other good brands are Beko, Indesit, LG and Electrolux

How long should a cooker last?

Gas ovens can last up to 15 years with good maintenance. An electric oven could last about 10 years.

Gas or Electric, which fuel should I choose for frying, baking, roasting, and grilling?

Gas is the most popular choice with home cooks in Uganda and worldwide. The heat is visible, easy to control, fast, responsive and can be used with all pan types.