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Best Cooker Brands: Buyer’s Guide

Hisense Built-in Hob, 4 Gas, 60*60cm

No kitchen is complete without an electric cooker. We call them stoves and even hobs. Your cooker is the centerpiece of your kitchen and your home that requires an easy to use oven and model design that will complement your house. You don’t want an annoying oven door or poorly fitted hobs to get in the way of you cooking and having fun in the kitchen.

Before you buy a new cooker

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a new cooker. While most are quick and easy to install, the type of cooker you get will be largely determined by your kitchen’s fuel supply, whether it’s gas, electric or dual fuel with a gas hob and electric oven combined.

Electric models tend to be some of the cheapest appliances around and they offer a simple and streamlined cooking experience. Easy to use and safe to run, electric models compromise of a range of different oven and hob technologies and designs.

What are the different types of hobs?

You can often get three forms of electric hob with these cookers. Solid plate tops are still commonly found on the budget models, and while they are the least energy efficient and take the longest time to heat, they are still reliable options. Ceramic hobs are popular because they are easy to clean and control and they look streamlined. By heating up the ceramic glass surface efficiently, ceramic hobs tend not to waste energy. Taking ceramic hob technology to the next level are induction hobs that only heat up the pans surface thanks to their magnetic technology. Pricier than other hobs, induction hobs are taking the kitchen appliance world by storm thanks to their precision.

Cleaning your cooker

Induction and ceramic hobs are usually the easiest to clean as they have smooth surfaces. Induction hobs also shouldn’t need to be cleaned as often as it is for gas and electric hobs.

Most ovens have triple or quadruple-glazed glass doors which can be removed for easy and efficient cleaning so with the right tools and techniques, this can be effortless.

There are also models designed with automatic cleaning programs although these features are available on higher-spec models.

Some of the most reliable cooker brands

Hisense Built in Hob 5 Gas 60x70 1

Whether you decide to go for a gas cooker, an expensive range cooker, or a budget electric one, below is the list of the top brands to lookout for following expert reviews for all the top features

  1. BOSCH

    BOSCH Built-in Gas Hob, 60cm, 4 Gas, Serie | 4 – PGP6B5B60

    Bosch has been designing home and kitchen appliances for over 125 years and their products include Ranges, Ovens, Cooktops, Microwaves, Washers, Dryers and more. Known for quality, reliability and precision, Bosch appliances bring German engineering from the road to your kitchen.

  2. LG

    LG is a South Korean company for home appliance and other electronics with ranges of kitchen appliances featuring advanced technology to create a healthy and quality life


    Indesit 60*60cm 4-Gas Free Standing Cooker, I6TG1G(X)

    Indesit offers a wide range of stylish and energy efficient domestic appliances, with intelligent technologies and design. Indesit products include fridge freezers, washing machines, ovens which can be either gas or electric and other household appliances.

  4. BEKO

    BEKO Cooker 50*60cm, 3 Gas + 1 Hotplate

    The domestic appliance and consumer electronics giant Beko is a significant presence in Uganda with Beko refrigeration, cooking, laundry and dishwasher ranges supplied in many homes as it continues to be a preferred budget household name.


    Hisense Built-in Hob, 4 Gas, 60*60cm

    Hisense cookers provide excellent functionality at a great price

Some of the best Cookers compared

Best built-in gas cooker

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Which brand of cooker is most reliable?

Whether you’re looking for the best gas cooker or the best electric cooker, our pick for the most reliable range cooker brands in Uganda are Bosch, LG, and Indesit.

What is the best freestanding cooker to buy?

With a Bosch free-standing electric cooker, you can design your kitchen layout particularly flexibly. Other good brands are Beko, Indesit, LG and Hisense

How long should a cooker last?

Gas ovens can last up to 15 years with good maintenance. An electric oven could last about 10 years.

Gas or Electric, which fuel should I choose for frying, baking, roasting, and grilling?

Gas is the most popular choice with home cooks in Uganda and worldwide. The heat is visible, easy to control, fast, responsive and can be used with all pan types.

How much does it cost to install a cooker in Uganda?

The installation cost of a built-in cooker can fall anywhere between UGX300,000 and UGX750,000 (fittings and labour), depending on various factors.